Carleton Place Regional Health Hub

The Carleton Place Regional Health Hub facility represents a significant development in the local healthcare infrastructure, construction is underway to bring a cutting-edge health facility to the community. The Health Hub is designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery through an innovative team-based care model. The primary objective is to increase the number of family physicians from 15 to 20, thereby addressing the current shortage and extending services to approximately 5,000 additional patients who lack access to a family physician. The Phase 1 building of the Health Hub is scheduled to open in late Fall 2024, marking a milestone in the project. This initial phase will encompass a footprint of nearly 15,000 square feet, featuring a four-floor structure with a total occupancy space of 60,000 square feet. The facility is designed to accommodate a diverse range of healthcare services and specialties, promoting comprehensive and integrated care. One notable feature of the Health Hub is its commitment to accessibility. The design includes ample on-site parking to facilitate easy access for patients and visitors. Moreover, the facility is constructed with a focus on barrier-free access, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can navigate the premises comfortably. Overall, the Carleton Place Regional Health Hub is poised to become a beacon of healthcare excellence, addressing the community’s needs by providing increased access to family physicians and a wide array of healthcare services. The innovative team-based care model and state-of-the-art facility design underscore the commitment to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care to the residents of Carleton Place and the surrounding areas.